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Our Beers


4XL Belgian Quad Strong Dark Ale                                       ABV: 8.1%          IBU: 20

Before the glass even touches your lips aromas of plum/dark fruit fill the air and you know you’re in for something special. 4XL is our Belgian style dark ale brewed from a reverently simple malt bill, dark syrup and a special strain of Belgian yeast. This straightforward brew builds massive complexity from a humble base.

Hops: Crystal & Mt Hood   Malts/Fermentables: 2-Row, Acid Malt, Crystal 120 & Belgian Candi


Bee-Yatch Blonde     ABV: 5.0%     IBU: 20

Bee-Yatch, our American blonde ale is our lightest and most accessible brew. With gentle bread and honey flavors and floral aroma this beer will have you longing for spring. Approachable for those new to beer with flavor but still enjoyable for the craft connoisseur. This is one queen bee that appeals to all.

Hops: Cascade   Malts/Fermentables: Base, Munich & Honey


Cryptic Double IPA    ABV: 9.5 %     IBU: 180

Cryptic is our West Coast style Double IPA.  Brewed with a simple base of Brewer’s Malt and Special Roast, it’s no secret that the hops are the star of the show here.  We’ve updated this brew from top to bottom and it is now packed with nearly 4 pounds of hops per barrel!  This is a brew for serious hop enthusiasts only — all others beware!  This brew packs a punch and at 9.5% ABV you might want to make this one a sipper.  We’re keeping the hops for this one a secret but if you can crack the code you’ll get a surprise.



Malts: Brewer’s Malt & Special Roast


Heavy Lift Hefe     ABV: 5.5%   IBU: 12

Hefeweizens are a unique brew. A very old style brewed with around fifty percent wheat and with the classic aroma and flavor of banana and clove that come from the special strain of yeast.  With just enough hops for balance and just a touch tart this beer is an ode to a style that has refreshed countless people over the centuries.

Hop: Crystal   Malts/Fermentables: Wheat, Pilsner & Aromatic


Stinger Honey IPA     ABV: 7.0%     IBU: 80

For this brew we took the base of our Bee-Yatch Blonde Ale and really stepped up the ABV and IBUs. The addition of candi syrup gives this beer a boost in ABV while keeping the body light and crisp while the addition of lemon peel really accentuates the honey flavors and earthy/citrus aromas from generous dry hopping.  The result is an IPA that brings up memories of spending spring days outside.  With the temps dropping, this is a brew that will not only satisfy your hop cravings but also warm your spirits and remind you that spring will be here before you know it.

Hop: Columbus, Cascade & East Kent Golding

Malts/Fermentables: Acidulated, Base, Honey, Vienna & Candi Syrup


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